We offer basic tune ups, bike builds, wheel builds and all sorts of other bicycle repairs. We are a bike shop that supports all sorts of riders by offering quality service, bicycles and parts. We only work on bicycle brands originally sold through bicycle shops. If you have a bike you want to improve and need some ideas or guidance? Stop on by and show us what you have. We are happy to help.

Basic Tune Up $50

  1. Safety check on all parts and accessories of bicycle.
  2. Adjust gears and brakes.
  3. Minor spot truing of attached bicycle wheels.
  4. Adjust headset, tighten cranks and chain ring bolts.
  5. Lube cable, housing, and chain.
  6. Check derailleur hanger alignment.
  7. Free installation of purchased Bikealot accessories

* Bicycles not originally assembled by bicycle shop will require additional cost of tune up add on "Assembly check" with "Basic Tune Up". See below.

Tune Up add ons

Assembly check-This is a thorough out of the box or boxed bicycle assembly check. It includes ergonomic fit adjustments, installation check and repositioning of parts as needed on a partially assembled bike. Required with tune up of any bicycle not originally assembled by a bicycle shop. $25-50

Extra wheel work This add on includes up to 4 adjustments such as bearing cone adjustment, precision wheel true (for a straighter wheel and tighter brakes) and rotor true(smooths out disc brakes). $20

Bike wash- We can clean up your bike and or drive train. We see a wide range needs here. Average price is $20 this can go up if we see things such as excessive chain lube or years of build up. Extremely dirty bikes might require cleaning charge before service.